Utilizing premium vegetable tanned leather and immense craftsmanship, this item is created to be both art and product. Each vase is handcrafted, therefore distinctly unique; never to be replicated again. Imperfections in color and material are a result of the making process and contribute to the originality of the item.

The illustrations ingrained on the objects, are drawn by hand, then transferred into digital format. Employing laser technology, the surface of the leather is punctured at varying depths. The leather is then sewn to fit loosely around the form and emerged in boiling water. During the boiling process, the incisions in the leather open, exposing the interior hide of the material, whilst the colour is altered by the heat and movement of the water. This process, based on spontaneous evolution, produces an aged, disfigured effect that contributes to the aesthetic richness of each piece. Modern artifacts, primitive yet contemporary.