Fish out of water

An ironic sense of play and a yearning to question the boundaries between fashion, design, and art set the groundwork for these creations. Fantastical creatures, insects, fish, and crustaceans, are described as “portable containers” and inspired by tiny beings whose own beauty teaches us to observe and appreciate minute details, beings that instinctively generate aversion, yet when examined closely capture our attention and arouse our curiosity. Their strangeness stands out against a modern world where we have been taught that form follow function, ornament may be crime, decoration superfluous; a world where we put things into categories so as to be sure of their purpose, to call them fashion, art, design, in a world where perhaps we have forgotten the sensual pleasure of making and enjoying exquisite and beautiful things.

This collection, “Neither fish, flesh, fowl nor good red herring”, is about acknowledging beauty, about breaking free of boundaries, about new possibilities. These objects are containers for our most precious and personal things, but they contain more than things, they contain values, values of beauty, richness, sensuality, creativity and originality. They contain the poetic and meaningful mark of the hand, the pleasure of making and the pleasure of using.