Created as an art installation at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan during the Salone del Mobile, CO.MOTION is an artistic interpretation that gives life to the digital complexity that occurs in the routine calculations of our computer, presenting itself as a complex, multi-dimensional form of connected kinetic modules that converses with space and with it’s spectators. A mobile sculpture capable of liberating graphic movement, developed digitally by the language Processing, from the bi-dimensionality of the software that simulates it, transforming the information syntax into physical movement through the use of the hardware Arduino.

CO.MOTION is not only an artistic expression codified in a digital language. It is the research and reinterpretation of an artisanal way of thinking and working, a method that not only designs and constructs forms, but also instruments that in themselves inspire and produce. An active curiosity of digital technology, but also of materials and cultures that are interrelated. Without the terms “hardware” and “software” that often represent an obstacle or a domain of knowledge that is delegated to other figures, artisans are capable of molding their own tools, allowing themselves to experiment not only without limits, but with a much greater structural freedom in which form and function are not necessarily in synthesis. The result of this experimentation, conducted on different scales and carried out through various paths and patterns of thought, is proposed not as a final finished product, but as the beginning of a collection of possible and articulated structures.